Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Mind is Time, The Mind is Space


Completing this self portrait put me on another level technically as well as personally..
This piece means so much to me that I have it displayed on my bedroom wall where I can see it every morning.
I felt trapped, crazy, and insane when creating this. I dont know if its a normal adolescent thing, but I honestly belived that I was out of my mind, Hence the Screaming.
I'm a relatively quiet individual; interpretting lessons of life during lunch breaks and class hours.
Around this time I was consistanly reading on Nibiru(Planet X) which is supposedly a planet that will orbit into our solar system in 2012 and cause armaggeddon. "Why does this has to happen??. Everything that I've pursued or dreampt doesnt matter. I wish there were a way to stop this", hence the Straightjacket and Planets.
If you can see, There is an akwardly placed planet right above Earth; which I am staring directly at. This is 'Planet X'.
I also have my astrological sign 'Scorpio' patterned behind me.
As you can see, it's very dear to me..

6 feet tall X 3 feet wide
Oil Pastels on Gray Paper

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